Utah’s Curly Hair Specialists

Located in Salt Lake City.
A dry cut that empowers! Color that inspires. Perfecting waves, curls and coils!
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We use the Deva Curl cutting and coloring techniques developed by Lorraine Massey, author of The Curly Girl, The Handbook. By cutting curly hair dry we can see the shape and style of each curl in it’s natural form. Cutting hair curl by curl when it is in its natural form, allows us to focus on the overall shape of the hair and cut only what is needed to maintain the desired look and shape. Cutting curl by curl for where you want it to fall and the shape you want to have.

This method allows the stylist to bring out the most in your luscious locks while sculpting hair to each individual client’s natural curl and shape. A hair cut and style made just for you.

Curly dry cutting allows for a better shape now and as your curls grow. No more triangle head! No combs, brushes, or wet cutting or stretching on your curls.