The Importance of Conditioning

Conditioning your curly hair is the most important step in your daily hair care routine. Consider and remember these important steps

1. Condition every day. Whether your doing a day one condition and detangle or cowashing always give your curls a ”drink” of conditioner. This can be in many forms like a leave in or a serum.

2. The kind of conditioners out there vary. Look for sulfate, paraben, and silicone free conditioners. Not all silicones have to be bad. There are breathable and water based silicones out there that do not harm the hair and easily wash out with water. Do more research and don’t believe every word you read.

3. Consider Steaming your curls. This year I stumbled across an amazing tool. The Q-Redew. It is a hand held steamer that lets out warm steam adding moisture to your curls.