Meet Sarah.
Sarah is a curly hair product guru. I love this girl because she always is willing to be my curly product tester. Between the two of us I would have to say we have or have at one time owned every curly product out there. Sarah is a fan of Red hair. Sometimes we want her Curly red hair to whisper and sometimes we want it to shout. There are so many dimensions of red it is fun to pick and choose based on our mood.

Sarah’s curls are fine and need volume and definition. One of our favorite products is Loma Organics Curvature, a very lightweight aloe Vera based cream. Another favorite of Sarah’s is Deva Curl’s Volumizing Foam. Foams and mousses can be hard to use and usually turn you into a pouf ball by the end of the day. Deva’s Foam however acts very much like the Deva Gel. It is defining yet easy to use and lightweight.



Sarah usually air drys and uses small clips at her roots to get more volume and a thicker curly look. On cold Utah Winter days she can diffuse her curls on low and help add more fullness and definition while drying faster to avoid wet hair on cold days.