Say hello to Ashley.
Ashley loves bouncy full curls. She has natural strawberry red hair. As time went by for Ashley she noticed her lovely natural red was fading due to pollution, harsh products and everything else we can blame it on lol. She was also struggling to find a stylist who could understand her curls. She looked on Deva Curl to find a stylist trained to do curly hair.

Once we found each other it was just smooth sailing from there. We used a hair color that allowed her natural color to be enhanced and not fully covered allowing for a long lasting result that grew out beautifully.

Ashley air-dries so we wanted to make sure whatever product we used would not add extra weight making her flat on top and poofy at the bottom. To solve this puzzle we pulled out some of my favorites. Ashley likes the Loma Organic Aloe Vera Conditioner. It strengthens the hair while smoothing and creating a hydrated curl. There are few styling products out there that work great for Ashley. We love the Davines Momo curly crème. We also like Deva Curl Foam.


When your hair is fine or thin be sure to use mousses or creams over gels. Gels will give a more defined curl but also create the look of less hair. At Curly Hair Studio on of my top priorities is to find the perfect product for you. I am not just going to suggest any product that I think may work. I will work with you and your specific curls to find the right combo of products for the best result.