Lizz came to me at Curly Hair Studio looking for a more perfected curl and a rocking red color. She has 3C curls that are very course in texture. To start we colored her hair with one of my favorite color lines Davines.

Davines is a zero impact company, promoting products rich in milk proteins making for a strong and healthy head of colored curls.

After achieving our rocking red we conditioned with Loma Organics conditioner. Loma Organics rocks when it comes to getting what you pay for. I personally have spoken and met with the owner and founder of the company and know his passion is true. Having curly hair himself he truly knows just how important hydration is.

My top picks for Lizz from this line were: Moisture Treatment Conditioner
This conditioner has yummy fragrances of pure Cranberry and Tangerine. It’s a thicker conditioner but does not weigh down the hair. I myself have very fine thin waves and love this conditioner for myself too. After conditioning with the moisture treatment we grabbed a small quarter size of the Loma Organics Fortifying Reparative Tonic. This serum rocks for all hair types but is especially great for colored hair as it protects the hair with creatine and keratin. “Instant strength and color protection”.

The last step of our products is to choose a gel that would control her texture yet also define her curls. We had tried Deva Curl gels and other gels but had not been able to control the curly texture. Because of her thick hair and course texture we need to find the one gel that would give us the hold and results we needed. Once again Loma Organics was the answer for Lizz.

Lizz’s favorite and go to product is Loma Firm Hold Gel. Now don’t be scared by that word ‘Firm”. This is an amazing gel when just a small amount is used. Use just one-quarter size for shorter hair.