Are your curls calling you?

A fellow Curly expert and friend recently shared this with me. The analogy that curls are comparable to phone cords when you think of irreversible heat damage. The more you mess with it the harder it is going to be to get into back into its original shape. What a genius example!

“With heat abuse to their curls. It’s difficult & sometimes impossible to fix those damn phone cords.” Shai Amiel, Owner of Capella Salon

A strand of hair is composed of only so many layers. The more it is flat ironed, blown out, and exposed to heat, the more those layers start to slowly burn away. Eventually you are left with a curl strand so thin it no longer can hold it self together resulting in fly aways, straight pieces and frizz.

When a new client visits that is a “flat iron queen” they always ask the same question. “will my curls come back?” I give the same answer. Yes and no. The ends of the hair have been ironed out for so many years they are never going to become that perfect curl like the hair at the roots. Be nice to your curls and they will be nice to you!

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