As women we try so hard to be young. We are always out there searching for the newest and greatest thing for dark circles under our eyes, wrinkles, and dryness. We want to have a smooth youthful face and body. The older we get the more time we spend on beauty routines. The more trips we make to Nordstroms to find a new concealer or face cream. We are willing to go and spend the time, money, and energy in having “young” skin and a young body yet we fail to spend the extra time on our scalp and hair.

As we age our hair ages too. Hair gets old and looses its luster and its ability to stay young. Hormones play a direct role in how our hair and our hairs textures change as we age. We can experience hair loss and hair color change as well.

The point being is that our hair goes through as many changes as the rest of our body as we age.. Why not take better care of it then? There are amazing skin care companies and advanced technology companies focused on helping your hair as much as your skin. Some of my favorite are DS Labs, Kevin Murphy, and Davines.


Ds Labs focuses on the therapy of a healthy scalp. “We are on a mission to change radically the personal-care landscape by developing technologies that make a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers”

Davines is an amazing family owned Italian line. They are a skin care company focused on being earth friendly and creating beautiful young hair.

Focus on the needs of your hair and how you can help achieve youthful hair and maintain this  kind of hair through correctly choosing products designed for your hairs needs..

Kevin Murphy is another line focused on creating young beautiful hair. One of my favorite products is from this line. An amazing serum called Young Again. Here are some benefits as listed on their website


“Features & benefits

Weightless and nutrient rich

Regain elasticity and infuse hair with shine

Powerful antioxidants

Moisturizes dry and damaged hair

Intensely condition hair

Immortelle the elixir of youth will restore and revive hair
Protect and strengthen hair from heat and the environment
Be young again”

Visit me anytime for an analysis of your hair and what you can do to have young hair again.