Curly Hair Studio

is located on 1555 East Stratford in the quiet neighborhood of Millcreek/Sugarhouse area, close to Interstate 80. With plenty of parking space, we’re conveniently located just off the 1300 East exit.

Enjoy a quiet modern salon with plenty of natural lighting, great music, great people, and the ability to finally have a curly look that you want. Be in charge of your style. Feel comfortable knowing that you can actually ask for a tiny trim, and get only a tiny trim. When hair is cut dry and curl by curl there is no worry about curls shrinking up to your ears. Visual cutting is about looking at the type of curl you have and the shape you want not about cutting two inches off everywhere then waiting for it to shrink into place. This is the one place where you can walk out after your service with a huge smile on knowing you look great and you know when you go home you can achieve the same style at home with ease.