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Utah’s Curly Hair Specialists

Located in Salt Lake City.
A dry cut that empowers! Color that inspires. Perfecting waves, curls and coils!
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Rachel Hoang
Rachel Hoang is principal and owner of Curly Hair Studio. Trained and educated at Sherman Kendall Academy in Salt Lake City, Rachel is a Deva Curl trained stylist who uses a combination of unique cutting techniques and products designed especially for curly hair. With her artistic vision and impeccable attention to detail, Rachel enjoys working with her clients to meet their individual style needs.
Emorie Cooke

Emorie has been a Stylist since 2011 and has a passion for all types of hair, including straight, wavy, and


Chelsea is in the process of writing her amazing bio. Visit us again to learn more about our talented stylists.

Tayslie Gordon
Will be your bestie from the moment you meet! She is a great listener and wants to make sure your treated like a princess! Tayslie graduated from beauty school a few years ago and is currently working on perfecting her curly hair skills. She really knows her stuff when it comes to styling wavy and curly hair but can also rock a victoria secret blow out. Come see Tayslie for your styles and cuts!
Aspen Cummings

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Our Story

Utah’s Curly Hair Specialists

Located in Salt Lake City.
A dry cut that empowers! Color that inspires. Perfecting waves, curls and coils!
Book now and love your curls!

We use the Deva Curl cutting and coloring techniques developed by Lorraine Massey, author of The Curly Girl, The Handbook. By cutting curly hair dry we can see the shape and style of each curl in it’s natural form. Cutting hair curl by curl when it is in its natural form, allows us to focus on the overall shape of the hair and cut only what is needed to maintain the desired look and shape. Cutting curl by curl for where you want it to fall and the shape you want to have.

This method allows the stylist to bring out the most in your luscious locks while sculpting hair to each individual client’s natural curl and shape. A hair cut and style made just for you.

Curly dry cutting allows for a better shape now and as your curls grow. No more triangle head! No combs, brushes, or wet cutting or stretching on your curls.


What They Say


“My whole family is full of straight haired people. I didn’t get curly hair till Junior High and thought that the best way to make my curls more curly was to get a perm. I tried straightening, curling and countless curly hair products. Every time I went to get my hair cut, I just had to accept the inevitable that they would have no idea how to style it. Stylists used razors, thinned my hair and honestly had no idea what they were doing.

I came across a before and after shot of a curly haired girl on Pinterest who talked about never shampooing her hair and a book about curls. After going to the books website, I immediately searched for a Curly Hair Stylist. Rachel’s studio came up and I booked an appointment. I could hardly wait, I was so excited. Rachel absolutely lived up to all my expectations! She took the time to explain which products would work best with my hair, where I had problem areas and how to style it. Boy was I doing it completely wrong! I couldn’t believe how willing she was to answer any and all questions that I had.  My hair has never looked better and consequently I feel so much more confident in my look! Rachel is always ready to discuss any problems I’m having taming my mane and I get so many compliments on it!! She has been a god send in my curly hair fiasco and I don’t know what I would do without her!!”

Erin Dyer

I have always been super gun-shy about getting my curly hair cut by anyone. I had had some terrible experiences with people not knowing what they were doing, and it took me years to grow my hair back out after one lady totally chopped it all off. Rachel was amazing. My experience with her was the best I have ever had! She listened to my concerns and really took the time to understand what I wanted and to teach me what I needed to do to get my hair looking its best. If you have curly hair, go see Rachel!

Diane Russell

I used to straighten my curly hair everyday because I couldn’t keep the frizz out of my curls. A coworker recommended Rachel and I haven’t straightened my hair since. With new techniques Rachel showed me, and new product, my curls look great! People want to know how I get my hair to curl like that. My daughter and son also go to Rachel and are very happy.

Gina Arkell

I always HATED my curly hair. When I was a teenager I begged my mom to let me straighten it “permanently” (but I never did it.) After having kids I hated it even more. It became lifeless, limp, and frizzy. I just figured it was the five kids I’d had and that it was hopeless. I was never happy with it and it was always pulled back into a ponytail. Then I heard there were actually people who knew how to cut curly hair and make it look good. I decided to try it out and see what came of it. I found Rachel and made an appointment. Boy am I glad I did! I now LOVE having curly hair. It’s curly again and it’s so bouncy and has life. I now have people making comments that some girls have to try really hard to get hair to look the way mine does naturally and I use very little product and not a lot of time to get it now. I never got that before. She showed me how to take care of it and recommended products that would help and were good for curly hair. Rachel takes the time to listen to you about what you want and really wants you to be happy with your hair. I can’t say enough good thing about her. She knows what she is doing for sure. I will never go back to a “regular” haircut.

Chelsey Grange

I dreaded getting haircuts until I found Rachel. She has shown me how to take care of my curls and how the get the best out of them. Every time I see Rachel, she has new recommendations for me on product and cut. I have never been displeased with my cut and always get compliments.

Michelle Davis

Rachel has changed my life! I love my hair now instead of fighting it. She always makes me feel like I am her most valuable customer.

Lena B.

Rachel is an amazing talent and has made my wavy curly hair feel renewed and hydrated. The dry weather was really dragging it down and with her expertise I now feel confident I can style my hair at home. Love love love her!!!

Marietta H.

My hair has never looked better and it is in its healthiest state yet.  Rachel taught me how to treat my curls right.  She is knowledgeable, talented, and friendly.  I 100% recommend to anyone with curly or wavy hair.

Sonya M.

Rachel at Curly Hair Studio changed my curly girl life. After 30 years of trying to battle my hair and hundreds of bad cuts, I found Rachel. Not only was my visit the first time someone actually understood my hair, but she reinforced what I knew all along, there was a better way. She educated me about curly techniques and products. She even suggested books and resources for me to gain a better understanding of my particular curl type. Rachel took a lot of time to walk me through every step so I could recreate the style on my own. My hair has never looked better and has never been easier to manage than the past three years with Rachel as my stylist!

Debby N.

I have been going to Rachel for a few years. She really knows her stuff when it comes to curly hair! I used to straighten mine daily, but her shared knowledge, products and technique I can now finally say that I am happy with my natural curls. In addition to being an amazing stylist she is a fun person!  I highly recommend her to anyone with or without curls!

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