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Ask a girl about her curls and she will tell you a story. Every head of waves and curls is unique, just like you! Learning how to embrace, love, and properly care for your hair is like growing the perfect garden. The right cut, products, and style is life changing. All textures of hair are best cut dry in their natural form.


It’s not just a hair color It’s a state of mind. Whether you are a beautiful rainbow on your head or looking for options to embrace your grey we got you!


Our hair is an extension of you. Extend your beauty with more length and volume than ever before with curly hair studio’s professional methods. These extensions are installed by a certified professional stylist in our salon. Refresh your hair game with a method tailored to your hair needs. Both Waterfall Beaded Row and Bellami Master Certified stylists.

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What They Say

Erin Dyer

I have always been super gun-shy about getting my curly hair cut by anyone. I had had some terrible experiences with people not knowing what they were doing, and it took me years to grow my hair back out after one lady totally chopped it all off. Rachel was amazing. My experience with her was the best I have ever had! She listened to my concerns and really took the time to understand what I wanted and to teach me what I needed to do to get my hair looking its best. If you have curly hair, go see Rachel!

Chelsey Grange

I dreaded getting haircuts until I found Rachel. She has shown me how to take care of my curls and how the get the best out of them. Every time I see Rachel, she has new recommendations for me on product and cut. I have never been displeased with my cut and always get compliments.

Michelle Davis

Rachel has changed my life! I love my hair now instead of fighting it. She always makes me feel like I am her most valuable customer.

Lena B.

Rachel is an amazing talent and has made my wavy curly hair feel renewed and hydrated. The dry weather was really dragging it down and with her expertise I now feel confident I can style my hair at home. Love love love her!!!